Extra Curricular Program

At Revoe, we aim to offer a broad range of after school clubs, that enable us to cater to all of our pupils interests.

Clubs are free of charge and run after school, between 3:15 and 4:15pm, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Clubs available for the Autumn term are:


Club Name Year Group
Football Y5 & Y6
Reading Y5 & Y6
TT Rock Stars Y5
Science Y4, Y5 & Y6
Lego  Y1, Y2 & Y3
Funky Fingers Y1, Y2 & Y3
Baking Y1, Y2 & Y3
Athletics Y1, Y2 & Y3
Dance Y1 - Y6


Club Name Year Group
Digital Leaders Y4, Y5 & Y6
Athletics Y4, Y5 & Y6
Running Y4, Y5 & Y6


Club Name Year Group
Tag Rugby Y5 & Y6