We are working towards becoming an accredited

Thinking School

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Our school believes that it is crucial to adopt metacognition and self-regulation strategies for all pupils. In partnership with Thinking Matters Network, we have started our journey into becoming a Thinking School. This approach is led by our Drive Team: Mrs Raistrick, Mrs Furner, Mr Chadwick, Mrs Coburn, Mrs Botu and Mrs McLaughlin

  A Thinking School is a place where thinking should be taught'

 Edward De Bono

What is Metacognition?

Know your knowing!

Metacognition is about how we think and learn. Providing our pupils with effective metacognition tools will support them to be aware of their own thoughts, strategies and feelings. Developing and exploring these will allow our pupils to understand the effect they can have on others. One tool we are using are called Thinking Frames.

 What is self-regulation?

Self-regulation is the ability to understand and manage our behaviour and reactions to feelings and things happening around us. As a school, we want to provide the children with tools to support them to regulate their emotions.

What are Thinking Frames?

Thinking Frames provide, ‘Visual scaffolds or structures based on distinctive visual patterns, which can help organise our thinking/ideas.

There are eight Thinking Frames which involve a different branch of thinking. These can help our pupils to plan and structure their thinking and to see their thinking processes displayed.

The frames are being used by all children in learning, tasks, during whole class sessions, in assemblies, with our Engagement Team and staff meetings.

The Thinking Frames can support with our pupils in making connections within the brain.

Thinking Frame Examples

 Thinking Matters Hand Signals

Thinking Matters Information for Parents/Carers

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