• School Uniform

    All children attending RLA, from Reception to Year 6, must wear our agreed school uniform during school hours; and when participating in authorised visits and events out of normal school hours. Parents of nursery aged children have the option of their child(ren) wearing the agreed RLA uniform.

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    RLA School Uniform Details and Information



    boys or girls




    Places to purchase new items

    Teal, embroidered jumper or cardigan Unisex


    for all children

    Uniform and Leisure on-line shopping.

    Can be delivered to home or school.

    Green and white gingham summer dress Unisex Optional


    In store and on line shopping, with home or school delivery, is available at:



    Asda, Cherry Tree Road, Blackpool FY4 4QH


    Tesco, Clifton Retail Park, Blackpool FY4 4UJ


    Sainsbury’s, Talbot Road, Blackpool FY1 3AJ







    Dark grey trousers, plain skirt or pinafore Unisex Compulsory
    Plain dark grey tights Unisex Optional
    Blue plain polo shirt, Reception to Year 5 Unisex Compulsory
    Dark blue elasticated, jogging pants or elasticated leggings Unisex Compulsory
    Dark blue elasticated, sport shorts Unisex Optional
    Green PE t-shirt Unisex Compulsory
    White, plain collared shirt (Year 6 only) Unisex


    for Year 6 only

    Striped tie (Year 6 only Elasticated or non-elasticated) Unisex


    for Year 6 only

    Uniform and Leisure on-line shopping.

    Can be delivered to home or school.

    All-black, flat shoes or trainers Unisex Compulsory

    Various, local retailers.

    RLA embroidered track suit * Unisex Optional

    Uniform and Leisure on-line shopping.

    Can be delivered to home or school.

    * RLA will purchase sufficient tracksuits for representative team events at no cost to families. No requirement for families to purchase tracksuits for general PE lessons

    Would you please help us to help you by clearly labelling all school clothing. 

    We suggest that parents write their child's name with a marker pen on the sleeve lining as well as name tapes in coats.

    Pre-loved uniforms

    Year 6 will operate their pre-loved uniform business in school each morning between 8.30am and 9.00am. However, because all good condition items are donated by our families, we cannot guarantee that all items and sizes will be in stock at any one time.


    On health, safety and financial grounds, we do not allow children to wear jewellery at RLA, other than small items of religious importance eg a crucifix on a chain or Sikh kara; ear-ring studs in pierced ears; or, inexpensive watches.

    Medical identification bracelets may be worn by children who have significant medical needs eg. diabetes, epilepsy.

    We ask our children to remove such items during PE, games and swimming for health and safety reasons.

    RLA asks parents who wish their child(ren) to have their ears pierced to do so at the start of the summer holiday.

     Hairstyles and Make-up

    To ensure that RLA has an excellent reputation and image, we want all of our children to be focused on their learning and have smart, affordable hair styles which complement their smart appearance when wearing our agreed, affordable school uniform. We do not consider fashionable hairstyles or the wearing of make-up to be suitable for our young children’s well-being and our school’s vision and values


    Children must attend RLA and authorised events outside of normal hours wearing flat, affordable, sensible shoes or trainers which are completely black in colour and have no other coloured brand designs. Again, this is to ensure that families are not pressurised into buying expensive, labelled footwear. It also nurtures a sense of all children feeling equal and not being distracted in their learning.

    Uniform on set PE Days

    Children may wear their agreed PE uniform throughout the day when they are timetabled to have PE.


    If a child is representing RLA at an approved event requiring the official RLA tracksuit, School will maintain a central stock of tracksuits, at no cost to families, to loan to the children for the event. There is no requirement for families to purchase an official RLA tracksuit for everyday PE.

    Year 6

    Year 5 pupils have democratically elected to retain the Year 6 uniform. Therefore, children in Year 6 must wear a white shirt and a RLA tie in their final year at RLA. These items may be either new or pre-loved from the RLA Uniform business, pending pre-loved stock levels.