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Vision and Values

Our Vision Statement for 2021 to 2024


Nurturing excellence through happy, confident self-aware learners


Our Core and Additional Values


Our Core Values are pivotal to daily life at RLA and underpin all that we do at RLA and form the mutual, unconditional regard for all children and adults. They are:


Integrity. Courage. Resilience. Kindness


We are passionate about doing the right things for our children and ourselves; but we are equally passionate about doing the right things in the right way and our Core Values guide us in our behaviours.

Our Core Values are complemented by additional, developmental values which contribute to our nurturing of the whole child to be successful in their next stage of learning.

Early Years and  Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2







Our Golden Rules (The 3R's)

Be Ready.

Be Safe.

Be Respectful.

Our Ethos


We serve a diverse community, made up of people with different needs, talents and aspirations.

We celebrate difference and look to use all of our available resources to ensure that we are an inclusive, effective place of learning and teaching.

We all want to do our very best for your child. Each of us has our own part to play to ensure that your child achieves the best attainment and progress possible. We value and appreciate your involvement and are delighted to work alongside you so that your child Respects, Learns and Achieves.

Our Aims are to:


  • Teach without ceilings through curiosity, discovery and collaboration
  • Deliver an ambitious, relevant curriculum which opens our eyes and inspires possibilities
  • Provide a nurturing, happy and ambitious learning environment which demands excellence
  • Build effective communities, networks and partnerships to enhance aspirations and life chances
  • Embed accurate systems and practices which facilitate outstanding effectiveness