A very warm welcome to Revoe Learning Academy (or, as we call it, RLA). Everyone in our family is respected and valued as a person who really matters.


We believe passionately in incorporating the voices of our children, staff, parents, carers, Governors, Trustees and wider community to co-produce improvements. As an example, our children and families have decided to use RLA to stand for:

Respect All. Learn Together. Achieve Excellence.


We are delighted that you are visiting us today. We really want you to learn a little bit more about us. If you have any further comments, questions or even improvements, please contact our office on 01253 763414. We’d love to hear from you!


Here at RLA, we are extremely proud of our whole team’s achievements and progress - all children and adults alike! We are a place of learning where: expectations for all are high; there is strong, honest partnerships between home and school; staff and children work together to secure excellent outcomes; and where all are happy, excited and proud to be part of RLA.


We want to play a crucial part in nurturing each of our amazing children to be the very best that they can be – and we want to do this with you! During their time with us, if, for whatever reason, this is not happening, we expect you to let us know, so that we can all work together to put it right!


We believe that “all” means ALL. While each person’s needs may be different, we respect each other for who we are. ALL people belong to our RLA family. The only labels that our children need... are their names.


We are very excited about our school improvement journey, focused on RLA becoming a truly inclusive, outstanding place of learning, work and play for all, regardless. With our Family Hub and pre-school Nursery on site, we can provide for the needs of your whole family, including unborn babies!


We can access a wide range of agencies for you and deliver many activities through our expert staff which will support your family thriving during your time with us.


In order for your child to reach their potential, we assess their knowledge and understanding regularly and then use this to provide a meaningful and challenging curriculum offer. This will provide a balance of core knowledge and skills enriched by wide range of experiences and opportunities which enables all children to grow and succeed, irrespective of circumstance.


Together, we promise to open doors which will inspire your child to see themselves as a valued member of society, equipped with knowledge and skills  which will enable them to continue to grow, develop and improve at high school and beyond!


We hope to welcome you in person to RLA, where you can see for yourself that what we say is true. And of course, we expect you to contribute to our continued improvement by telling us what we are doing well, and what we need to do better so that we can Respect All. Learn Together; Achieve Excellence.


If you would like to join our learning community, or know more about Revoe Learning Academy, please pop in to our main office to make an appointment. We would love to meet you and your family! 


Dayle Harrison   


Head Girl Head Boy Deputy Head Girl Deputy Head Boy